Derelict Cambridge
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I created this site to document some of the unloved buildings and locations in Cambridge, England. These buildings often go unnoticed and disappear before you know it. There are plenty of photographs of the more glamourous and most visited parts of the city but the everyday parts often go unrecorded.

I was inspired to do this by Derelict London and by the rapidly changing urban landscape of Cambridge.

Why photograph dereliction?

There are plenty of sites with photographs of the tourist view of Cambridge, this site shows some of the missed parts. Derelict locations can have their own beauty as they gradually change through the action of the weather, invading plants and vandalism.

Very often this is the last chance to photograph a building before it is demolished.

Not all of these buildings are derelict

True. I am also recording buildings before they are demolished. If I wait until the boards go up then the boards obstruct the view so if I know a site is likely to be developed I go and photograph it.

There are also some 'after' shots to compare with the 'before' shots where a building has been renovated.

Why are the photographs taken on cloudy days?

Firstly I take the pictures when I get the chance, bearing in mind that the building may be demolished with little notice. Also, in the winter there are no leaves on the trees to obscure the building.

Secondly clouds act as a natural diffuser elminating shadows that can obscure the subject of the picture. As described in the linked article, they can also provide a gloomy mood, which fits the topic of dereliction too.

Can I reuse your photographs?

Yes, all the photographs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Please follow the link to find out what you can and can't do.